​​​State  College Borough  Council


Experienced, Dedicated, and Fair

A Vote for​ M​e is a Vote for You

I am an Activist and a

Member of

* Nittany Valley Environmental  Coalition

* Human Rights Campaign

* National Wildlife Federation

* Sierra Club Green New  Deal Volunteer Corps

* Chair Center County League of Women 

   Voters Environmental Committee

 I am an Advocate of

* Fair, affordable housing

* Clean air and water

* New revenue sources

* Sensible zoning

* Sustainable energy

 I am an Ally for All

* Gender identities

* Religion, beliefs

* Age

* Education

* Race or ethnicity

* Income

* Ability

* Political views


Activist, Advocate, and Ally

​A Vote for Me is a Vote for You! 


Helping to keep​ our community safe, healthy and environmentally responsible​


Promoting Diversity, Inclusivity, Affordability, and Livability


Supporting you  regardless of your age, ethnicity, faith, politics or life-style choices. 


As an  Activist, Advocate, and Ally, my pledge to you is to help make our community an inclusive and welcoming place, and to represent and promote the values and attitudes that make State College the wonderful and unique place we are proud to call our home.

Experienced, Dedicated, and Fair

 A Vote for Me is a Vote for You!